Menu Homepage: An overview of Prudent Trading Systems and our area of expertise.

Development Cycle: An outline of the cycle used in designing, testing, and optimizing trading systems.

Methodology: Company principles, analytic techniques and trading strategies used.

Sample System: A detailed example of a basic trading system.

Services: An outline of services provided by Prudent Trading Systems.

Welcome to PrudentTradingSystems.Com

We specialize in Design, Development, Management, and Deployment of Profitable Trading Systems. 

Our Mission Statement:

To built profitable, robust and low risk mechanical trading systems utilizing sound concepts of technical analysis and portfolio management techniques.

Objectives of our trading systems:

Preservation of Capital
Annualized return
Low correlation with underlying market

Main features of our trading systems:

Stocks portfolio analysis
Futures portfolio analysis
Portfolio analysis of Mixed Instruments (stocks and options on stocks, futures and options on futures)

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